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Guests Encouraged To Achieve The Impossible

Garlicke & Bousfield, currently celebrating its 150th year in business, hosted its annual, much anticipated, Women's Day Breakfast on Friday, July 28th at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga. Maintaining the lofty standards set by a string of previous guest speakers such as PJ Powers and Tannie Evita Bezuidenhoudt, this year's woman of action was South African icon, Leanne Manas, multiple award-winning TV presenter, radio host, MC, style icon, and ambassador for Nelson Mandela's 46664 campaign. Her talk entitled, "Achieving Your Impossible!" urged the women present to move beyond their comfort zones in order to lift themselves to heights they had never dreamed possible.

Comparing her climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on Mandela Day in 2015 (as part of a fundraising initiative) to the rise of her career, Manas shared remarkable and entertaining details of her life's journey - which included her experiences working as an anchor on SABC 2's flagship breakfast show, Morning Live, and interviewing stars like Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela, to name just two. "Talent becomes great by use," she urged a spellbound audience, "Relationships are important. Listen to those who know better. Believe in something greater than yourself. Use your challenges to better yourself, and above all, enjoy the journey."

Manas's story was uplifting and her message was simple, striking a chord in every woman present: "What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving it," she concluded.

The morning was noted as another highly successful Women's Day observance by Garlicke & Bousfield, leaving their guests empowered and energized, ready to face the year ahead.